Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

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We introduce the

Infrared Camera Continuous Monitoring Systems

to the Chemical Plant Industry


  Services such as engineering, maintenance, process, operation

based on our experiences since 35 years.

with kind approval and assistance from Infratec GmbH, Germany (www.InfraTec.de)


We use different brands of cameras as per clients request or on proven and save operation in the past.


Single point infrared cameras are already known especially to the maintenance group of most chemical plants in the world. Here we introduce complex automatic camera systems for continuous monitoring.

with kind approval and assistance from Infratec GmbH, Germany (www.InfraTec.de)

This Site only talks about automatic monitoring systems consisting of infrared cameras, network, computers and monitors, link to DCS/ESD.


We explain in simple words to all those who mostly contact this technology first time and for the Chemical Plant Industry only.

We display many examples
where infrared camera systems have been successfully used in the chemical plants.

We indicate many examples where the infrared camera systems can be used to eliminate desasters, disturbances, and to save cost of manpower and to lower your insurance fees.


We refer to many actual accidents, partly with death causalities, have already happened,
but which could have been avoided by using automatic infrared camera monitoring systems.

with kind approval and assistance from Infratec GmbH (www.InfraTec.de)

Most colleagues working in the chemical plants and engineering offices
are not aware of the use and great and reliable benefit of using such
infrared monitoring systems.

with kind approval and assistance from Infratec GmbH, Germany (www.InfraTec.de)

  It is our purpose to introduce, and to execute their engineering
till successful commissioning and save operation.

All who once use this system will never miss it again,
will never switch to previous systems used.

Almost 90% of our presentations and recommendations worldwide have executed into continuous monitoring systems at various plant users.