Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

Digital Photography - Infrared Photography - Thermal Images


Below pictures show images of different colors of human body and building. These images shall give you an easy imagination what infrared photography/scanning actually can do and is made for: media running down any process, hot spot detection, cold spot detection, average, etc. and as per software configuration.

The images are taken with low resolution, if more accuracy is required, theis can easily be performed by using different (more expensive) cameras which have resolution of todays normal digital cameras. Also the temperature resolution can be of 0.05K for example.

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this is not “Rudolf the red Nose Reindeer”


There is not much use in photographing people, dress on, in certain design, in a way of common private digital photographing.
Infrared images, their scales and colors are based on temeratures, not on design. Below pictures are mainly taken and focused for color vialization, not so much on accuracy/database analyzing/processing etc..


However, if temperatures are different with and around people, then it might of interest.

Beside, are people in a restaurant, eating, the table in front was just served with fresh food, still hot of 49 degr. C.

Beside lower picture: Summertime, warm evening, people sitting outside of a restaurant/bar, under big umbrellas and the umbrellas have heating. The hottest spot on this image is at the heating with 75 degr.C, Outside temperature at the building is 7 degr.C.



A couple walking on the road: this image is of same principle as most cameras in China imigration arrival at airports: people gets scanned of temperature to identify sick people with fever before they enter the passport imigration counter for China entry. In case of fever the people must return to their home country. MOst arriving pessengers do not know that they get scanned actually.

This image to the left show hottest temperature at blood line neck.


This is an interesting image with different colors, just for fun: the shower show hot temperature at the water lines out of the shower head, the lady is washing hair


Below and left are funny interesting pictures, as hot water is running down the naked skin of a lady. The water quickly cools down and it give a different temperature color as per scale.

In such way, nice colored images can be created, besed on different temperatures on the body.



Picture right: different temperatures at the window and its insulation. Interesting: the building has a leak or softer materials at the wall right of the window which show higher temperature.

the water runs down the body into the shower basin


image left: the certain in front of the window has a different temperature, actually, it is a little bit insulating the cold from the window glass into the room.

The surrounding of a memorial against the cold sky of -38 degr. C.