Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry



Name Rainer SOBOTTKA
Date of Birth March 16, 1950
Nationality German

Languages German (mother language)

English (professionally)
French (basic)
Chinese (basic)
Japanese (basic)

With Linde 1974-2009
Freelance/selfimplyed 1996-today

Education Fachhochschule Karlsruhe, FRG

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) of Instrumentation
Graduated as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (equivalent to M.Sc.) in 1974

Professional Senior Instrumentation Engineer for Engineering,

Lead of Engineering, Project Manager Instrumentation, Construction, Commissioning,
Office Management President Germany/USA/Taiwan

Field of Experience

- Invention and Introduction of Infrared automation camera systems to Chemical Plant Reactors

- Ethylene plants, Air separation plants, Natural gas plants and liquid storages, Gas separation plants, POX-Gasification plants, Synthesis plants and ammonia plants, Methanol synthesis and distillation plants, Rectisol and nitrogen wash plants, Cold box, Plant design,

- 20 years Engineering, Office Management, oartly Sales Management
- 10 years Construction, Erection
- 5 years Commissioning

1974 - 2013

1996-today own office activities in Future Chemical Plant database and Infrared Camera consultancy

2008-2009 Germany Lead Engineer for instrumentation of a GE-POX, gasification plant, engineering in progress

2006-2008 Germany/Taiwan Lead Engineer for instrumentation of a GE-POX gasification plant, engineering, erection, commissioning

2004-2005 Germany/Norway, Lead Engineer for instrumentation of a revampethylene plant, engineering, erection, commissioning

2002-2004 USA Consultancy and lead engineer for instrumentation of two Hydrogen Plants for Praxair/USA at Linde BOC Tulsa/OK/USA

1999 - 2001 USA Lead engineer and Consultant for the Linde-TG Syngas plant in LaPorte/TX/USA. Incorporation of new units, restructuring of instrumentation and operation, to increase overall degree of automation and production. Outcome: increase of annual turnover, decrease of disturbances and to delete possible operator errors.

Acquisition activities for US market

1999 – 2000 Germany Lead engineer for instrumentation of a Rectisol & N2 wash unit for Messer Singapore, in coordination with KBR Houston and several external packages

1994 - 1998 Germany/India / Australia Lead engineer, acquisition, coordination and project management, introducing global engineering for various plants and different contractors: India (Jamnagar), Italy (Linde Gas Palnt Milazzo),
 Australia (Moura/Phosphate Hill)

1994 China Debottle-necking and commissioning of instrumentation of a LNG plant in Cheng Du/China, German-Chinese Subcontract

1993 - 1994 USA South Korea Consultant lead engineer for PTT, Thailand for instrumentation and electrical of a detail subcontract consortium (LPG plant and Tankage) between USA and South Korea. Stay in USA, South Korea

1992 - 1993 Germany Taiwan Coordination and management for two Isomerization plants (instrumentation) between several subcontractors and vendors: Engineering management: procurement and engineering activities for three distributed control systems in overall management with Chinese (CTCI Taipei), French (Foster Wheeler), Taiwan (CPC), German (Linde, Fisher Rosemount) partners,
President of the Linde Job Site Office Taipei

1990 - 1991 Taiwan Managing a job site office in Taipei/Taiwan, office management, bank management, tax management. Engineering subcontract to local engineering office (CTCI Taipei). Overall engineering management and instrument engineering

1990 Thailand Consultant lead engineer for Linde’s client PTT/Thailand of GSP-2 gas separation plants. 1988/89 USA Japan Consultant lead engineer for Linde’s client PTT/Thailand of a gas separation plant GSP-2, engineering in USA and Japan

1987 Germany Detail engineering of CO plant with partial oxidation (Texaco) for BP-Hull/England

1987 Germany Acquisition

1986 China Consultant and supervisor of a LNG liquefaction plant in Daqing, China

1985 India Lead engineer for erection of instrumentation for methanol synthesis and distillation plant Commissioning, start-up and optimization of the plant. Training of personnel Client: GNFC, Bharuch/Narmada, India

1984 Thailand Consultant engineer for for Linde’s client PTT/Thailand of a marine terminal (LPG and propane) tank farm,jetty, truck loading, ship loading, emergency power station, fire fighting, coordination with 60 km pipeline and gas separation plant Erection, commissioning, start-up, training Client: PTT, Thailand

1983 - 1984 Taiwan Supervisor and consultant for instrumentation for erection and commissioning of a residual oil Texaco Gasification plant, air separation plant, gas separation plant Client: Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Taiwan

1979 - 1982 India Lead engineer of instrumentation for 1350 t/day ammonia and synthesis plant, Gasification) in India Air separation plant, Texaco Gasification, Rectisol and Nitrogen Wash unit. Erection, commissioning, start-up and training Client: GNFC Bharuch/Narmada India

1976 - 1979 Germany Project engineer for instrumentation of a 1350 t/day ammonia plant, complete engineering for ammonia and synthesis plant, air separation plant, N2 wash and Rectisol unit, steam systems, purchase coordination in India, consultation of offsites Client: GNFC, Narmada, India

1974 - 1976 Germany Assistance engineer of instrumentation of a ethylene plant for Norway