Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

  • The infrared cameras are available since long,
    but as single point detectors mainly.
  • Infrared detector cells also were available since long.
  • However, static pictures were taken earlier only.
  • In 2001 we developed continuous monitoring camera systems
    and it was possible with latest PC computer
    to process all these millions of single pixels into video images
    and data processing continuously.
  • We combine the Infrared Detector
    - Camera Housing
    - Lens
    - Industrial- and Ex-proof Housing
    - Network and cables
    - Industrial PC computers with network and  large hard disks
    - link to DCS/ESD
  • Finally we established a continuous control of huge amount of temperature data like never seen before
  • We analyze, archive, display, swith and shut down, and warn operators for upcoming disturbances/events
  • It is now possible to supervise, control, alarm, and shut down critical process in temperature design limits
  • We are able to conclude of disturbances inside of a reactor based on outside measurements
  • Till date, the very simple concept, the reliable detectors and hardware, and the incredible possibilities of the software
    give the chemical plant industry a revolutionary tool of highest reliability, safety, and successful operations.
  • No one ever so far gave negative results or does not prefer this system.
  •  All who once use this system will never miss it again.
  • Increase of safety and production by limiting shut down times are the results for the plant user.