Infrared technology

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

Technology Basics

·  Objects may absorb and/or emit radiation.

·  All objects above absolute Zero degree (0 F) send out radiation.

·  Electromagnetic radiation in rage of 0.0005 mm to 0.0015 mm wave length is known infrared

·  It is defined as "thermal (energy) radiation" used for temperature measurement.

·  It transfer through vacuum and space at a speed of light.

·  object/body material and surface will effect absorbing and emitting of thermal radiation

·  thermal  equilibrium exists when the absorbed energy is equal to the radiated energy,   This is defined in "Kirchoff's Law".

·  "An object which is totally non-reflective and completely opaque will absorb all the radiated energy received incident on his surface. This type of body is a perfect absorber and will be therefore a perfect emitter of infrared radiation; referred to us a blackbody object." (quote from James Taylor/Land Instr. Foundation Level Infrared Training"

·  The blackbody is used for reference and calibration of infrared cameras

·  It is of very high importance that the object material and it's surface is known to achieve high accurate measurements.