Basics: System Concept

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

Camera 2-cutdisplay

Example and brief description of a concept of a Reactor Skin Temperature Monitoring System:

The entire concept and set up does not require any special standard. All is as per todays standard plant hardware, software, and network communication.


Field installations:

- infrared cameras installed in ex-proof housing (Ex d, Ex p, others)

- some camera housing and cameras require purge system for cooling and/or ex-purge, depending on application and environment

- cameras installed in distance to vessel of approximately 3 to 10 meters, other distances possible, depending on object size, required image resolution, lens available

- power supply required to field cameras 24 VDC, or 110VAC, or 220VDC, as per requirement of plant and vendor, most vendors can fulfil requirement of the plant

- cameras are mounted typically on standard transmitter stands, railings, platforms, or others


Power and Network

- between field and control room normally power supply and standard network cables must be pulled as per normal plant practice and standards

- in field must be installed two distribution boxes in ex-proof design for power and for network, as per plant standards and if several cameras are to be installed into combined multiple cables/distribution, or/and wireless, redundancy recommended!

- in control room standard power and network distribution boxes required

- in control room all network cables from distribution cables lead into vendor standard computers or in special cases into plant owners computer system

- link protocol as per industrial instrumentation standard, as available today also to DCS, ESD, etc.


Control Room Computers, Data Storage and Processing and Display

- the computer size depends on requirement of resolution and scanning rate of the images per video (example: one image size is 150kB of 70 000pixels, at scanning of one per second we require (150x3600x24x384= around 33 GB hard disc size per camera per years)

- normally the vendor supply standard industrial PC computers ready installed with software as per specification and order, ready to start commissioning and operation

- today, more and more clients require to install data processing and display into their DCS/ESD which is possible, but require additional engineering

- Display is possible on standard monitors supplied with the stand-alone unit of the vendor, or as per clients requirement into their computers or on large overhead display above the main DCS consoles (one of the best examples have been engineered by Eastman Chemicals in Kingsport)

- data storage typically on hard disks with automatic back-ups,

- data processing normally in stand-alone unit of the supplying vendor and then through network to customer


Software Application Requirement

- the software normally is engineered by vendor as per vendor standard.

- in special cases, the data can be engineered on clients DCS/ESD as per clients engineering requirement

- all kind of different software, data display, and data alarm requirement can be configured

- as per requirement of inquiry documents and discussions between vendor and client

- hot spot, average, deviation, actual life data display, history trends, graphs, analysis, etc. many more data processing is available, as it is just a matter of configuration and programming

- intensive discussions and engineering is required to set up an intelligent concept for the final client

- all is based on pixel measurements, as per resolution, and as per scanning rate, and as per clients requirement for display, alarm, shut down, data processing, trends, graphs, analysis, results forwarding to management and authorities


Recommendation very important:

- detail description in inquiry documents reflecting clients requirement

- in chemical plant engineering this requirement is new and often not yet enough defined

- we highly recommend to take experienced engineers into account for setting up an detailed inquiry requirement for hardware, software, and targets/results

- special care is required for set up of hardware in field as per environment and country standards,

- special care is required for standardization of plant networks and power lines

- special care is required for implement clients requirement of save and reliable operation, required for economic shutdown-free operations into future

- special care required to cooperate between engineering of vendor and client and contractors

- detailed inspection at vendor manufacturing works is required before shipping, we recommend to simulate network communication with clients hardware cards

Hot spot measurement against human body: