Basics: Monitoring Cam

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


All camera pictures above are taken from
with kind approval and assistance from InfraTec GmbH (www.InfraTec.de). These models are currently the latest models and of highest resolution possible, such as up to
2.048 x 1.536 pixles.


Please contact us for more different models, manufacturers, and their recommended applications.



Introducing Basics of Infrared Camera used for the Monitoring System

Explaining in simple words for the totally new references in the chemical plant industry:

Again, imagine you have a digital video camera for your holiday use:
the camera has an detector of a huge amount of pixels. The camera now takes many images per second. Together is shows a movie, actually consisting of many images per second etc.

Same with the principle of a Infrared camera. Instead of black/white/colour images, the infrared camera takes infrared images, means temperature values.

The more images taken per second the higher the resolution of the temperature measurement.

The nearer the lens takes pictures to the object surface, the higher the resolution.

Depending on your application, you can use different lens to cover your object, or objects, or part of object into one image.

Then, define how many scans (images) per second you require.

Example: quickly changing temperatures or quick requirement for safety reason requires some images per second. For example, 10 per second can detect quick temperature changes in brackets of a second. The computer then automatically transfer these temperature values or alarm or shut down contact to your DCS, ESD or other computer system.

Big reactors, for example, do not require such high scanning rate, instead we recommend to use one image per one minute.

The lens and the distance of camera to the object define the resolution, so that on a reactor surface one pixel (one temperature measurement) will correspond to approximately 10 square cm or any other value as per your requirement.

Above examples are made for typical application in the chemical plant industry. Other application, like very fast scanners etc. are available, please refers to the manufacturer’s web pages.