Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


All Photographs: Mr. Rainer Sobottka, president of company,  at presentations during ACHEMAsia 2010 and others in S.E.Asia 


We are happy to present our experience, knowledge, and references to you and your colleagues.

Ask for a presentation at your works.

If not so far away and in Europe it can be cost free and if convenient to us.

If your location is abroad and outside Europe please ask for information.

But for sure we are interested to explain this new technology to your plant technicians and management.




The continuous and automation of infrared camera monitoring system is a new technology to almost all of the chemical plant industry, their engineering and investors.

Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance, engineering, commissioning.
We also can take over your entire engineering, construction, and commissioning. Please ask for information and quotation.



We give training and advise to your plant colleagues and engineering stuff.
Whether maintenance or process engineer or to the management:
Our target is always to transfer our know-how and experiences to you for continuous and safe operations.


 Plant Demo

On special occasion we also can arrange for a practical demonstration in your plant with the actual infrared camera.
 And/or we can show up with assistance from a manufacturer specialist(s).


  We offer presentations, engineering, and training to your company of engineering and operation.

We offer On Site Instrumentation Work, Construction, Commissioning, and Consultant.

My earlier employee boss called my team once the “dream team” of the company.
Use my experience now to transfer my know-how and experience and work to your employees.


Others as per your request



Please check our Site “Background” for more details of my life as an practical instrument engineer and manager.

 -- 35 year of engineering, construction, and commissioning in the chemical plan areas,

-- many different pant instrumentation, such as air separation, olefin plants, syngas, power

-- 35 years experience with gasification plants

--11 years experience with infrared technology after inventing and implementing the world first automatic infrared monitoring camera system for POX reactors


Do not drown in unknown expectations. Contact us to implement infrared technology for your own safety and performance. Save environment is reachable.

We also generate images in other sector, such as buldings and advertising.
 For more images of non-industrial sector
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Thanking you

Rainer Sobottka