History till date

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

2001 Setting up a new concept for continuous infrared monitoring cameras

2001-2002 inquiry, modifications, budget inquiry

2003 budget approval, supply, first installation

2003-2012 and further first installation still running in same hardware and concept, no maintenance, no shut down

2005-2007 single plant user come to know about such new system for POX plants, ask me to consult and help to set up inquiry etc.

2006-2008 informing several gasifier POX plants with temperature skin problems about new system, some plants immediately order several companies

2009-2010 presentations in many countries worldwide, such as USA, China, SE-Asia, industrial fairs in USA, China, Germany,

2007-2011 several presentations in Europe and order for several POX plants, commissioning in 2011

2010-2012 Land Instruments develop continuous monitoring infrared cameras for inside furnaces, first order and commissioning in USA ethylene cracker

2010-2012 break-through of other application not only gasifiers: several other application require infrared continuous monitoring cameras and place order and run such systems today for electric power equipment, gas detection, area supervision, etc.

2012 most new plants now will be equipped with continuous infrared monitoring camera systems. Existing plants upgrade. Problems with conventional older systems make such decision easy. Insurances and safety management may insist on it. The proven reliability, high accuracy, and successful use for safety and control end in more and more different application use, not only for POX but in addition many other new application.

All of above show the revolution of temperature measurement for extreme reliable safety and control.

2013: we are waiting for standardizing and licensing into safety systems (contact us for more information).
           we are waiting for advanced displays (contact us for more information)