Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


Infrared Technology cameras have been introduced to the chemical plant industry very successfully first as single point then as camera monitoring systems.

All the camera systems of various manufacturers work perfectly till date and into future.

There will be a bright future for all kind of infrared technologies for many, many other application also in the chemical plant industry. The time of problem-altering-drifting hardware temperature measurements is over for much application. The reliability and accuracy of the infrared technology, as well as the factor of non-contact measurement, will increase the use of infrared cameras more and more.

However, to reach this goal of using infrared cameras for all those many new application, there is much to do. The chemical plant industry is not used to these technologies, as it is for other field of industries such as steel, health, and public/personal protection.

In chemical plants the requirement to such new technologies is slightly different as it is for other industries:
- explosion protection standards
- ruff industrial environment standards
- personal protection
- standardizations at engineering and operation
- standardizations of industrial and local standards and laws
- continuous operation without any maintenance
- plant user standards
- Insurance and other local/public  requirements
- etc.

Please contact us to receive more detailed information and proposal for this pending work of implementing infrared camera technologies into future application of the chemical plants and engineering.

We will be happy to present applications, standardizations, implementations, and other important requirements for a future use of infrared camera systems to increase reliability and production in chemical plants and not to forget to increase safety and personal protection to avoid any more disasters.

Rainer Sobottka