Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry



Transformers and electric devices in substation have the danger of easily overheating. Transformer areas and substations are not-manned areas, no supervision during normal operation. If some overheating occurs, no one can recognize, only after failure or damage occur.

The infrared continuous monitoring cameras in such cases are installed in substations and in front of transformer (several in one camera image)  supervising in high accuracy and resolution all electric devices. Whether circuit breakers, contacts, power cable connectors, poser lines, or even big transformers, all of these are perfect devices to be controlled and supervised by infrared cameras.

Infrared cameras normally do not require any maintenance. Means: your plant will save maintenance personnel, no operators must watch substations during operation shifts, and all data are displayed for all concerned technicians and management.

Manpower become more and more valuable and costly, Damages cause huge impact in costs and production, and the infrared cameras are very cheap compared to any impact to happen at any time.



and beside supervising your material you may install an infrared camera into your substation MCC and to supervise the entire area against unorthorised happening or even to save your daily shift manpower. Leave it alone and supervise through cameras of infrared. Infrared cameras can show you normal black & white images, as well as, the colorful temperature images.