Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


all pictures here on this page with kind approval from Land Instruments (www.landlinst.com)


Furnaces, such as Fired Heater, Reformers, Ethylene Furnace, Crackers,
run under atmospheric pressure normally.

The fired chamber includes pipes which get heated up to several hundred  degr. C.

The problem process and operators telling me is that it is not possible to look inside continuously and to check the formation of media inside the pipes during longer heated process.

In extreme condition and if not taking care by experience, the pipes crack.

The plant must shut down and repair work of several weeks and months is going on.

Such damage is a huge impact in production and costs.


Again, the infrared camera monitoring system can actively take part in visualization of the chamber inside and of the pipes.

From colors and detailed temperature measurement on the pipe skin operators can easily watch if choking material is located on the pipe wall inside.

Operators then are able to control feed process.

As a result of using such infrared continuous monitoring system is that the shut down time can be moved to a later time, production is still continuing, and damage cannot occur.


Beside watch the images continuously it is possible, of course, to save and store all data and temperature measurements (typically 70 000 per image) on hard disk.

Management and shift manager are able to watch this process and in case of problems all data can be shown and explained as per history records and shift protocols of last days/weeks/months/years.

The infrared continuous monitoring camera system is able to show, to record, to analyze, to report, to alarm, and even to shut down if required.