Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry

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 Mrs.Sobottka, earlier pres. of company, and employee Mrs. Zhao at ACHEMAsia fruitfull visits and presentations in Beijing 2010.

Don't forget to inform all your colleagues and management about this new technology for the chemical plants and to be used into your controls and safety systems. 

Below: Don’t run under risk! Protect yourself and install Infrared Camera and Monitoring Systems:

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Thermal image right: from temperatures (which are corresponding to the color and adjustment of color scale) you can see that the bike is not in operation, it is cold, but ambient temperatures are hot, means “the girl in this case is hotter than the bike”?

Thermal image middle: no protection - just one accident will cause high impact of cost and life. In chemical plants this factor is much higher, as latest accidents and deathly causalities have shown. If your insurance is aware that safety protection has not been installed, the result is catastrophic.

Don’t run your operation without proper protection and supervision of safety impacts. New Instruments for Safety are much cheaper/more attractive than any of a single accident may happen. Your insurance and career will appreciate.



  Thermal Image above:: Mr. R.Sobottka's Head under automatic hot-spot scanning. Here: Blood Line is hottest spot.

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There will be almost no POX plant in future without these infrared monitoring cameras.
Once you have experienced this you will never think of anything else.
We can give you many references where from our demo on site the cameras have been selected.

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All Photographs: by Mr. R.Sobottka and approval from actors