Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry



       Actual accidents happened and could not have een avoided because not using continuous monitoring IR-Cameras 

Not to blame or criticize other plant users, but we describe accidents in general only. We cannot always prove the correct happening from site of an accident, and we are not in possession of latest reports or internal results. But due to our extreme experience we can see, understand, and conclude.

We refer to reports from internet, from colleagues, from clients, and  from www.csb.gov, www.osha.gov and other global safety boards, and from own experiences. We add our own experience conclusion, not to criticize existing reports and statements but to indicate for better and more save operations. Many accidents happen even today, many management reports indicate different conclusions. We here only report facts and indicate how to avoid by adding the Infrared Camera Systems.

We will indicate accidents which happened and which can happen due to incorrect temperature readings on vessels, pipes, reactors, etc.  

I like to recommend to listen to the explanation of the chairman from U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) John Bresland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR7j5fb-cm4 with a message to all working in the oil industry:

“Safety Systems could have prevented the disaster. ….Even during economic down-turns, spending for needed process safety measures must be maintained.
….Less financial impact from temporarily shutting down the process
….to protect plant workers, contractors and communities
…..in the long run: companies which invest into safety will benefit at the end and in future”.

The costs safety and control instruments today are in most cases far below of any costs of damages, disasters, or loss of production.

Also please refer to many accidents and disasters recorded for YouTube. Many explosions and control deviations leading into disaster could have been avoided by using right control and supervising instruments.

Once again, below descriptions are based on our own experience and knowledge, phone calls and reports from others. We cannot confirm or guarantee the correctness of this content below. Click on images below to learn more about some of the accidents.



all images taken by Rainer Sobottka with approval from plant user