Accident Example5

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


There are many accidents happen where an automatic and continuous infrared monitoring camera could have

  • indicated the disturbance in time
  • arm and display deviations to normal
  • report and issue data history of the disturbance
  • report to management and shift leader
  • shut down the plant if desired
  • link-informed to firebrigade
  • record visually in high resolution scanning method the temperature development and disturbance
  • Many examples can be quote, such as
  • the big Texas refinery disaster when liquid overflew and the area of roads and houses were liquidized by petrol and exploded finally by ignition of a truck (refer to Texas refinery accident in Internet)
  • where the pipe burst inside reformer and a total new reformer had to be supplied, weeks of loss of production…
  • where the flange burst due to overheating the ractor
  • where many leakages could have been detected by infrared cameras overlooking entire areas for temperature changes (media in different temp.)
  • latest accident on Aug.14, 2012 in words from the internet: “The fire started at the refinery's …just before 6:30 p.m., an inspection crew discovered that there was a diesel leak in a line in the unit - and that the leak was growing.” Means: there is no shift team required if infrared cameras are installed and the information is alarmed and displayed.
  • etc. many, many others, please refer also to and see how many accidents happened where different media temperature actually could have prevented this accident through infrared monitoring cameras installed.