Accident Example 4

Consultancy and Engineering of Infrared Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Plant Industry


Accident Examples 4 and more


The start up engineer and I went through the running POX, syngas, ammonia, and  Urea plant. We noticed the writing of huge sign to motivate the employees: “Safety first Production must”. We discussed briefly these contrary words in one sentence during we passed a extreme high pressure reactor in this plant (H2 high pressure2500 lbs flange). After I returned to Germany my colleague still had to do some work on site. One day he again passed that high pressure reactor and when he visited the control room this big flange burst and the hydrogen got ignited, melting down all the equipment beside and around this reactor. The shut down time of this plant was long and the loss of production was great. In some cases the loss of production is more than 100 000 US Dollar per day. ………

The right safety and supervising instruments could probably have avoided such accident. Leakages can easily be detected by infrared cameras, one camera for one huge area. The high resolution will give enough detail information of each and every leakage possible.